For appearance, nothing quite compares to a natural hardwood floor. Hardwood has been used to create beautiful floors for centuries, and it will always be in style. Hardwood is available in red oak, white oak, hickory, cherry, walnut and other species of wood. 

Aside from the elegant look it adds to a room, there are other more practical considerations that make hardwood a good choice. It is durable, and the maintenance on hardwood is pretty simple (use the proper vacuum, clean up liquid spills quickly, and don’t drag furniture on the floor). In addition, hardwood flooring is extremely hypo-allergenic because pet hair, dust, and other things are easily swept from the surface. Another option is tile flooring. A big advantage of tile is that it is very resistant to stains. For families with small children, this gives tile the big advantage over other floor types. The tile comes from the manufacturer with a glazed coating followed by at least one layer of sealant, so anything that get spilled won’t get through to the tile material itself. Tile is also extremely durable. You and your family could walk on your tile floors for many years with virtually no signs of wear. Should a tile get chipped, repairs are handled easily with a bit of epoxy, paint and sealant. 

When purchasing tile, it’s a good idea to get a few extra tiles so that you have them available a few years down the road, should one of your tiles crack or otherwise need to be replaced. With a few spares, you will have an exact match for the replacement. You can’t plan ahead that way with other types of flooring; tile has the unique advantage in that aspect. 

We also sell and install laminate flooring. With laminate, you get the advantage of having your floors look like genuine hard wood, but without the cost that comes with wood. Laminate is basically made up of a hard base, such as particle board. On top of that base is a layer that is actually a photograph of hard wood – that’s why it looks just like wood. The photo layer is covered by a transparent layer to protect the photo and the underlying wood from denting and other damage. 

Laminate tends to be more durable than genuine hardwood, and it’s a good option for locations where moisture might present a problem for wood (such as a basement). If you are a homeowner and you want to improve the look of a room, or your entire home, laminate flooring is a good way to do that without having to spend a lot of money. 

Whatever your flooring needs are, we have the skills and experience to help with the solution. You may already have some ideas of your own about how you would like to proceed, or you may be stuck and need some input. We have been doing this a long time, so take advantage of our experience and give us a call. We will come out and discuss your situation, and provide you with a free estimate. We look forward to helping you with your next project. 



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